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The Department of Applied Economics, in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) offers teaching, research and outreach programs in four broad areas: environmental and resource economics; food systems; growth, development and trade; and public sector economics. With two customizable undergraduate majors, the programs balance lower-division course work in the liberal arts with upper-division training in economic theory and the functional areas of business management. Students in both majors are charged with developing strong critical thinking skills and data analysis proficiency and the ability to communicate effectively to diverse governmental, business, and private sector audiences.

The first Applied Economics writing plan emphasized the development of writing assignments in mid-curriculum course requirements and training for Graduate Instructors. A faculty workshop on writing with quantitative information addressed the desire for more consistent and effective feedback on students work with data.

For its second-edition writing plan, Applied economics will continue its workshops, review writing assignments in its two majors, and develop two new courses, a first year seminar and a writing focused seminar in international trade.

Writing Plan

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