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WEC Unit: Agronomy and Plant Genetics

Agronomy & Plant Genetics, in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS), employs a 31-member faculty and supports a major in Plant Science and a major in Agricultural Industries and Marketing (AIM). These two majors enroll approximately 100 students who will enter careers in industry, government, and academia. Plant Science majors take required courses and develop personalized programs of study in breeding, turf science, floriculture, production agriculture, nursery management and more. AIM majors can choose from three tracks: Food Industries, Crops and Soils Industries, and Individualized Study. By the time they graduate in either program, students need to be able to communicate about complex issues ranging from genetics to sustainable agriculture to bioenergy in ways that are appropriate for diverse stakeholder audiences including interdisciplinary scientific communities, industrial communities, and the lay public.

Implementation activities in Agronomy and Plant Genetics include regular faculty/grad student lunches to discuss writing assignments and assessment. In laboratory courses, instructors are perfecting a common model and rubric for lab reports and lab notebooks. Faculty are also experimenting with models of online peer review.

Writing Plan

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