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Medical Laboratory Sciences is an undergraduate major in the Center for Allied Health Programs. The major enrolls 120 students. After graduation, MLS majors are employed primarily in hospital and reference laboratories; they often advance quickly to management positions. For this reason, the program prepares them to write policies and procedures for laboratory personnel, communications concerning laboratory testing, results for patients and other health care professionals, and case studies and scientific writings for healthcare professionals.

The Campus Writing Board approved MLS' first Edition Writing Plan in May 2013, and implementation efforts are underway. The MLS student population is linguistically diverse and first-phase implementation efforts will address faculty concern about supporting multilingual writers. In Fall 2013, a team of three multilingual specialists analyzed MLS undergraduate student writing for patterns of writing strength and weakness. In Spring 2014, they reported their findings to the MLS faculty and discussed methods for responding diagnostically to student writing.

Writing Plan

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