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The 25 faculty members in the Construction Management major, part of the College of Continuing Education, offer its 150+ enrolled students their expertise in creating and managing the built environment, focused on construction technology and process, facility management, and project management. Students and faculty in this department bring various levels of applied experience to their studies, and among the typically written genres are proposals, argumentation, professional contracts, design specifications, and business communications.

In implementing its Writing Plan, Construction Management sought and received Campus Writing Board approval for its first writing-intensive (WI) course, CMGT 4041W Specifications & Technical Writing for Construction Professionals and has since expanded their writing-intensive offerings within the Applied Business discipline (ABUS 4013W Legal, Ethical, and Risk Issues for Managers) and the Construction Management gateway course (CMGT 3000W Introduction to Construction). The program collaborated with an instructional designer from the College of Continuing Education to produce a Student Writing Style Guide in interactive web modules, addressing various professional genres taught in the program and now connected as a resource across all program coursework, and even other schools of construction management in the upper midwest. WEC materials and resources were also instrumental in achieving program accreditation, and continue to support its measurable program outcomes.

In its third plan implementation, faculty in the department are continuing to develop a Faculty Guide to Teaching Writing in Construction Management. This shared faculty development website will serve as a repository for teaching materials on writing genres common to construction management and as a resource for construction management professionals who serve as part-time instructors in the curriculum.

Finally, Heidi Wagner, PhD, Faculty Director Peter Hilger, and Writing Across the Curriculum's Director Pamela Flash collaborated on the publication Improving writing skills of construction management undergraduates: Developing tools for empirical analysis of writing to create writing-enriched construction management curriculum, describing the program's WEC work and results, published in the Associated Schools of Construction peer reviewed journal International journal of construction education and research.

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