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In the College of Science & Engineering, the 38 faculty in Computer Science help develop students’ programming language ability as well as their ability to translate client needs into programming. The Computer Science major enrolls approximately 400 undergraduates, many of whom go on to become programmers, designers, and innovators in computer research and development.

After a series of lively discussions in which faculty members wrestled with questions like, "Where and how is writing currently defined in our curriculum?" and "At what point in their education should computer science students be able to explain programming to non-technical audiences?" the faculty created a first-edition Writing Plan focused largely on augmenting TA training and constructing brief and timely instructional aids for faculty and TA use in a variety of courses. These include several five-minute workshops, a model of brief and targeted instruction on currently relevant writing concerns. In Spring 2014, the department will pilot a Writing Fellows program in an upper-division course. Look for details in a future update.

Writing Plan

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