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WEC Unit: Carlson School of Management

Carlson School of Management is the largest academic unit in the WEC program. Over 2,500 students are enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) programs, a degree that encompasses nine fields. Students take a core business curriculum in their freshman and sophomore years before moving into their specialized fields. Carlson faculty and staff are working with the WEC program to articulate shared writing values and skills that can be developed and honed as students complete their majors.

Activity Highlights:
With is first-edition writing plan, Carlson School of Management developed online modules for brief supplemental writing instruction in core courses.

In its second-edition plan, Carlson faculty began testing a common writing rubric based on its faculty-developed assessment criteria, specifically targeting writing-intensive capstone courses. Based on assessment of this pilot, the use of the rubric and its menu of rating criteria will be promoted throughout the college.

Writing Plan

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