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WEC Unit: The School of Journalism and Mass Communication

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication, located in the College of Liberal Arts, offers an undergraduate major in Journalism with three distinct emphases: Journalism, Strategic Communication, and Mass Communication. Although they are distributed into these three subfields, nearly 700 enrolled majors are keenly aware of the extent to which their writing—whether they are reporting news, designing ad campaigns, or devising public relations materials—has the power to shape audiences’ opinions and actions. And, although writing is a core competency in all three programs, faculty members are unevenly satisfied with the level of writing competency across the SJMC curriculum.

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication has an assessment process in place for its professional skills courses. Since engaging in WEC, the School is drawing on the Desired Writing Abilities articulated in its Writing Plan to help develop an assessment process for its higher-level context courses. In its second edition Writing Plan, (submitted to the Campus Writing Board in November 2013), the School described its intentions to (1) develop a comprehensive method for communicating writing expectations and goals among faculty and to students and (2) conduct a series of workshops for faculty on methods for developing effective writing assignments, providing useful comments on student work, and assigning ethical and constructive grades.

Writing Plan

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