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WEC Unit: Industrial and Systems Engineering

In order to hard-wire relevant writing instruction into its curriculum, the The College of Science and Engineering's new Industrial and Systems Engineering Department engaged the WEC Program  in 2013--even before students enrolled in its brand new major. Given that unique challenge, ISyE faculty used an altered process to create and assess their Writing Plan, which underscores the flexibility of the WEC approach.

WEC resources have supported a new TA workshop about grading student writing in Industrial & Systems Engineering, a peer review and revision process applied to team projects in courses across the curriculum, and an increased understanding in the student body about writing expectations for industrial engineers. To enhance student understanding, an ISyE Undergraduate Writing Guide is currently under development by a WEC-supported graduate research assistant.

As a result of the WEC Program, Industrial & Systems Engineering now offers students an interdisciplinary curriculum that will prepare them to write effectively about analytics, engineering, science, mathematics and management and thus prepare them for work in a variety of industrial, governmental, and non-profit contexts.

Writing Plan

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