What we do

Launched in 2007, the Writing-Enriched Curriculum (WEC) Program offers undergraduate departments a method for supporting curricular infusion of discipline-relevant writing and writing instruction. WEC has been implemented in every undergraduate college at the University of Minnesota and is now being adapted at several peer institutions, both in the U.S. and abroad.

The WEC Model

The WEC model offers a faculty-driven approach to supporting effective and relevant writing and writing instruction within an undergraduate curriculum. The model is founded on the following principles, gleaned from three decades of research and experience:

  • Writing can be flexibly defined as an articulation of thinking, an act of choosing among an array of modes or forms, only some of which involve words.
  • Writing ability is continually developed rather than mastered.
  • Because writing is instrumental to learning, it follows that writing instruction is the shared responsibility of content experts in all academic disciplines.
  • The incorporation of writing into content instruction can be most meaningfully achieved when those who teach are provided multiple opportunities to articulate, interrogate, and communicate their assumptions and expectations.
  • Those who infuse writing instruction into their teaching require support.