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Anthropology, an undergraduate program within the College of Liberal Arts, with 19 faculty and more that 150 undergraduate majors, combines the natural sciences, social sciences, and human studies to study who we are and how we came to be. Through the curriculum, students learn to think critically and develop sophisticated understandings of human similarities and differences.

Anthropology’s first-edition Writing Plan focused on two core action items: (1) Developing five-minute workshop materials to address common writing issues for students at the 3000 level; and (2) Establishing a more formal and structured process to facilitate the writing process and writing instruction for students on their senior research projects. Three graduate research assistants were instrumental in working with faculty on these efforts.

For its second-edition Writing Plan, approved by the Campus Writing Board in Summer 2018, Anthropology is focused on three three initiatives to improve writing instruction at the undergraduate level.  First, the department will hold three workshops to help faculty develop grading rubrics for specific assignments in their courses. Second, Anthropology will pilot a  capstone course aimed at improving student writing and helping them create successful capstone projects. Third, the department will develop a Canvas site for the organization, maintenance, and dissemination of WEC instructional materials.

Writing Plan