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Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering

The Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering in the College of Science and Engineering currently employs 30 full-time faculty members and a dozen or so affiliates in five specialty areas: environmental, geomechanics, structures-mechanics, transportation, and water resources. The 200+ undergraduate majors are prepared for careers in government service, private consulting, industrial research, and academia.

In their first-edition Writing Plan, CEGE focused on the development of an extensive curricular matrix that identified where its writing abilities were being taught within the curriculum. While the matrix revealed a thorough representation of the expected abilities, it also identified possible opportunities for explicit attention to specific writing tasks and abilities.

For its second-edition Writing Plan, CEGE has identified three core strategies for assisting students: (1) increasing the use of its writing criteria in course materials; (2) developing instructional support through consultations and workshops; and (3) continuing development and expansion of a departmental writing guide and library of student writing samples.

Writing Plan