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Youth Studies

Youth Studies, an interdisciplinary undergraduate program within the School of Social Work, prepares students for youth work practice and youth scholarship, emphasizing work with urban young people. The program's 3-member faculty offers courses emphasizing community engagement. Assignments in this major reflect this emphasis and include site visits, program observations, service-learning, international exchanges, and internships

Approved in Spring 2016, Youth Studies’ second-edition Writing Plan builds on the department-wide sharing and understanding of writing assignments begun in the first-edition Writing Plan. Five core activities drive the current Plan: (1) conducting focus groups with junior and senior Youth Studies majors about their perception of writing instruction and assignments; (2) convening small faculty work groups to review, revise, and develop writing assignments in each course to meet the department’s overarching WEC goals; (3) providing ongoing faculty training workshops, determined by needs identified in the small faculty working groups; (4) hosting in-class panels of alums and local stakeholders from youthwork agencies and organizations on the roles of writing in their work; (5) developing and implementing digital storytelling assignments into Youth Studies courses.

Writing Plan