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Family Social Science, in the College of Education and Human Development, employs a faculty of 19 members and offers one undergraduate major, the Family Social Science B. S., which enrolls approximately 275 students. Students in this major are challenged to write both for research-oriented audiences and lay audiences, and are often working in community outreach and client services.

In implementing its Writing Plan, FSOS developed a Moodle site devoted to instructional resources. The site features a small collection of five-minute workshop models as well as strategies for working effectively with multilingual student writers. The department has been refining students' capstone experience, which emphasizes critical reflection and self-assessment in the context of a senior-level internship. Capstone projects are designed in the form of electronic portfolios. Students share their electronic portfolios at a Senior Showcase at the end of each semester.

Writing Plan

William Goodman and Student
Former WEC Liaison, William Goodman, and a student in Family Social Science.
Family Social Science Students
Students participating in the Senior Showcase.
Former WEC Liaison, William Goodman, and an FSOS student. All photos courtesy of CEHD, University of Minnesota.