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The School of Mathematics in the College of Science & Engineering offers Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in mathematics and includes specializations in actuarial science, mathematical biology, computer applications of mathematics, and math education. Sixty-five faculty members teach more than 350 undergraduate student majors. Mathematics majors choose from a rich range of courses, and the major curriculum is further supplemented by technical electives and coursework in physics. Some students broaden career options by taking classes in complementary disciplines like engineering, physics, or economics. Undergraduate students also have numerous opportunities to get involved in research through UROP, REUs, and other undergraduate research programs.

In its second-edition Writing Plan, the School of Mathematics will continue to build from pilot interventions in MATH 5345 (Introduction to Topology) by expanding writing interventions in MATH 3283 (Sequences, Series, and Foundations) and Modern Algebra. Faculty are engaged in ongoing consultation with WEC staff and are integrating writing instruction into a professional development series for teaching assistants. Finally, the School of Mathematics will host a panel discussion on the uses of mathematical writing outside academia, drawing on the expertise of area professionals and recent alumni.

Writing Plan