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The School of Kinesiology, located in the College of Education and Human Development, offers three undergraduate majors: Kinesiology; Recreation, Park, and Leisure Studies; and Sport Management. Nearly 700 undergraduate majors anticipate professions requiring effective communication to academic, professional, and lay audiences. The department, its course offerings, and students' career pursuits are interdisciplinary and involve collaborative partnerships with medicine, neuroscience, epidemiology, business, education, and social sciences.

After conducting in-depth syllabus review and curricular mapping during the first phase of Writing Plan implementation, the School of Kinesiology began to focus on increasing stakeholder awareness of desired writing abilities. Second-phase implementation strategies also include developing a scaffolded approach to APA-related writing instruction. The efficacy of this approach will be assessed by a comparative analysis of students' proficiency at writing within APA conventions prior to and after implementing a new teaching module. Finally, the School's writing goals are being examined relative to an undergraduate program evaluation currently underway in the College of Education and Human Development.

Writing Plan