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Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene, an undergraduate program within the School of Dentistry is home to 13 faculty and 48 undergraduate students. The accelerated program is integrated with dental and dental therapy curricula and allows students to graduate with their Bachelor of Science degree in three years. The program's goals include preparing highly qualified dental hygiene healthcare professionals who are culturally competent and active in leadership roles in oral health promotion in their communities. A dental hygienist with a bachelor's degree is prepared to assume roles in many different health care environments such as general and specialty practices, public schools, government agencies, community health clinics, insurance companies, dental hygiene educational programs, extended care facilities, and in the health products industry.

In its first-edition Writing Plan, the Dental Hygiene faculty have committed to faculty workshops on responding to and grading student writing in clinical, research, and reflective modes. Because these genres are the most typical writing assignments in the curriculum, the faculty are working on building common rubrics and calibrating their assessments to facilitate learning transfer.

Writing Plan