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Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

The Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (OLPD) offers two Bachelor of Science degrees within the College of Education and Human Development. These undergraduate programs have 47 faculty who teach and serve over 500 majors with a focus on educational and organizational change in local, national, and international contexts. Their research, teaching, and outreach reflect a commitment to interdisciplinary and intercultural engagement with organizational and business leaders, educators, scholars, and policymakers seeking to enhance leadership, organizational functioning, and development around the globe.

We continue to integrate conversations about teaching with writing into our monthly undergraduate staff meetings and continue to draw more faculty into facilitating workshops during those meetings. For the implementation of the third-edition Writing Plan, seven instructors have agreed to join a pilot project in which teachers of core courses use the department’s desired writing abilities in their rubrics and survey students’ impressions of writing. These faculty members will report successes and challenges to the larger group. A graduate research assistant will also join the team of teachers now reporting to the DUGS as they design two new courses for our undergraduate majors. Overall, we hope to capitalize on the enthusiasm for teaching that now characterizes our group.

Writing Plan