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WEC Staff and Faculty Liasions

  • Pamela Flash


    Director of Writing Across the Curriculum and Co-Director of the Center for Writing, directs the WEC Program offering undergraduate departments an intensive, faculty-driven approach for strengthening relevant writing and writing instruction within undergraduate curricula. Her research, publications, and presentations focus on writing pedagogy, composition theory, activity theory, discourse communities, and the use of qualitative research methods (particularly collaborative action research and ethnographic research) to enable pedagogic change on individual, departmental, and institutional levels.

    10 Nicholson Hall
    (612) 626-7639
  • Daniel Emery

    Assistant Director

    Assistant Director of Writing Across the Curriculum, works closely with department faculty to develop and implement writing plans. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and has been a curriculum leader (Oklahoma) and director of a Writing Center (Utah).

    10 Nicholson Hall
    (612) 625-0849
  • Matthew Luskey

    Assistant Director

    Assistant Director of Writing Across the Curriculum, collaborates with faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and departments involved in the WEC process. He holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Oregon and has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in writing and rhetoric, literature, film, media aesthetics, Liberal Studies, and Education. He has directed National Writing Project sites at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Washington and edited several collections of writing.

    10 Nicholson Hall
    (612) 625-1684
  • Molly Bendzick

    Administrative Coordinator

    Administrative Coordinator for the WEC Program, manages the Program’s communications and data, and assists academic units engaged in the WEC process. She holds a master's degree in Higher Education Administration.

    10 Nicholson Hall
    (612) 625-0791

WEC Liaisons

Each WEC unit appoints a faculty member to serve as WEC Faculty Liaison. The work done by Liaisons is central and critical to the success of the process. Liaisons facilitate or co-facilitate faculty meetings, assemble and revise Writing Plans, and help ensure that the unit’s Plan is relevant to its discipline, curricula, and constituents.

In order to secure adequate time for these activities, WEC Faculty Liaisons are typically provided with up to $11,000 over the course of three editions (5+ years) of their unit's Writing Plan.

Liaison Google Site (authentication required)

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Advisory Council (2006-07)

Robin Brown (Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature), William Durfee (Mechanical Engineering), Emily Hoover (Horticulture), Alon McCormick (Chemical Engineering), Claudia Neuhauser (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior), Martin Sampson (Political Science), Art Walzer (Rhetoric/Writing Studies), Barbara Welke (History)